Game Design Ideas

Initial Rough Sketches

UI Rough Sketch (It is really rough..)


Mechanic Rough Sketches


Just for the prototype… no animations.

They’d be made in Piskel (or sth like that) in the actual game development.

Another Game Idea: Chick and Duck



Other Characters

Mr. Backfoot (69)
He runs a small chick farm in a rural villege, but he’s getting too old to continue it himself. He has two dogs.

Mr. Backfoot Jr. (42)
He plans to change his farm to a ‘mass-producing’ factory farm after his father passes away. He wants money. He once loved chicks when he was a little kid…

Western Farms Inc.
They are the company buying local farms and introducing mass-production to them. They have a strong sponsor behind.

Shirley Mage (8)
She loves her pet Duck. She can’t go out from her bedroom after 9pm. She is kind to animals.

Mr. and Mrs. Mage
They are good parents. They have a dog. They worry about Backfoot Jr.’s plan.

Mrs. Backfoot
She has passed away long time ago. Mr. Backfoot still misses her.


  • Switch between 2 playable characters.
  • Hide from humans and dogs. If caught, game over.
  • Normally Player has 50% camouflage.
  • Some items affect on your camouflage.
  • Bags + 50% Toy ducks/Yellow objects + 30%, Grasses + 20%
  • Steps – 10%, Beak/Swim – 20%, Tweet/Splash/Dog – 30%
  • Dogs detect player lower than 30% camouflage – distance bonus.
  • They will detect Dog food immediately, ignoring the player.
  • Humans detect lower than 20% – distance bonus.
  • 100% camouflage stops their search immediately.
  • Sometimes you need to draw attention.
  • Under water, pick up a piece of the ‘forgotten memories’
  • Each level has a mission to progress to the next.



  • Stage 00 – Escape from the Truck! (Tutorial for Chick movements)

Newly-born Chick is in a paper-box cage on a truck. He peeks the beautiful outside world from a small hall and decides to escape.

  • Scene ‘Chick and Duck’

When he gets out from the truck, he arrives the Mage family’s humble house. A pet duckling finds him from backyard cage, and tries to help Chick come in.

  • Stage 01 – Find Shirley! (Tutorial for Duck movements and switching tactics)

Duck says a kind girl Shirley may help Chick to get in. Duck comes out from a small pond beneath the fence and wakes the dog to draw attentions of her parents. Then he makes Chick wait, goes in again and lets her out from her bedroom secretly.

  • Scene ‘The Fate of Sweet Home’

Mr. and Mrs. Mage talk about Backfoot’s Farm, which would be a mass-producting farm. Chick, Duck and Shirley see the cruel video. Shirley sighs she wishes if she were a small bug so that she could sneak into an oatmeal bag which will be delivered to Backfoot tomorrow.

  • Stage 02 – Where is the oatmeal?

They sneak into Mage’s storage to find the oatmeal bag, but a dog is sleeping in front of it. While Duck is attracting Dog’s attention, Chick breaks bags to find the oatmeal.

  • Scene ‘Mr. Backfoot and his Jr.’

Chick and Duck find Mr. Backfoot and his junior are fighting over the farm’s future. Western Farms Inc. people come in and take out Jr. to their meeting. Mr. goes into his room and sadly turns pages of young Jr. smiling with baby chicks in the family album. Duck decides to make Jr. remember his pure childhood.

  • Stage 03 – Find the Album and Stream the Video!

2 Dogs are patrolling in the house. They first tries to turn on the mass-producing farm’s video on the laptop in Jr’s room. They also tries to steal the album photo in Mr.’s room but Mr. is still there.

If ‘forgotten memories’ are all collected, Mrs. Backfoot’s ghost will guide Mr. to outside. To the Good ED.

If not, to the Bad ED.

  • Good Ending

Jr. remembers his loved chick in the past. He doesn’t pick up the call from Western Farms.

  • Bad Ending

Mr. Backfoot passes away and the farm is bought by Western Farms.


Small farm happy chicks

Factory (mass-production) chicks😢

House Ducklings

Farm ducklings: Check 0:50- to see carrying ducklings!

3 Games Ideas

  • Chick and Duck (Low-poly 3D multiplayer action on Switch)
  • VR: Lost Identity (VR on Ocurus/PS4)
  • Do Slugs Dream Of Snails? (2D pixel-based RPG)

Explore my Prezi for game plans and references.


Chick and Duck


Chick and Duck Stage01 Prototype Rules

– Variables –

Dog’s detecting limit = _______ %

Dog’s detecting area = _______ squares away

Human’s detecting limit = _______ %

Human’s detecting area = _______ squares away

– Start –

Dog is asleep in the entrance.

Duck is between the puddle and the duck house.

Chick is next to Duck over the fence.

– Players’ Turn –

Each Player has 50% Camouflage as default.

Players may move one square per one turn. If no one detects him, Player can keep proceeding. Camouflage -10%

OR, Player can choose one action from below instead of moving:

Chick may beak to break a bag. Camouflage – 20%

Duck can swim/go through a fence if there’s water beneath it. Camouflage -20%

Players may tweet or make a splash to draw attentions. Camouflage – 30%

The red numbers indicate bonus Camouflage Players will get when they are in the squares.

If a Player character picks up a piece of forgotten memories, he can use slow-motion action per piece. In this prototype, Player may roll a dice, and if higher than 4 you’ll avoid deadly moment and make the obstacle stop for 5 turns.

– Obstacles –

Dog moves three squares per one turn when he detects an object below limit Camouflage in his detecting area, and he barks to the object.

When a dog food bag is in Dog’s detecting area and Chick has beaked it to break, he will go there ignoring Player and spend 10 turns.

Humans move two squares per one turn when he detects an object below limit Camouflage in his detecting area or when Dog barks (toward Dog).

The watermill will take Duck to the shower room next to it.

All doors are open.

– Winner –

When one of Player is in the same square with Dog, game over.

When Shirley is in the same room with the parents, she goes back to her room and try again.

When Chick is in the same square with Shirley, Players win.

– Items – Living room, Dining x2, Shower rooms

T Toy ducks… +30% Camouflage to Duck

F Forgotten memories… a chance for Slow-mo

B Bag… Dice: 1,3,5… Dog food   2,4,6…Flour -10% for 10 turns



Do Slugs Dream Of Snails? Stage02 Prototype Rules

– Items –

Snailie Swampie Dr. Snakinson  Frog

water   rock   leaf

sprout   grass

– Start –

Set numbered objects in the same-numbered spaces surrounded with dotted lines.

– Obstacles –

Grass will fall over when Snailie has a rock (heavy object) on his back.

Snailie can carry a water drop when he has a leaf on his back.

Sprout will grow up to reach the cliff when Snailie gives a water drop.

Frog will eat Snailie when he approach without taking through measures.

Frog will eat Swampie instead when Snailie takes him there.

– Winner –

When Snailie reaches the right edge of the map, player wins.

Chosen Game Idea

New Piskel (1)New Piskel (1)

Do Slugs Dream Of Snails?

  • Changes in mechanics – Local Co-op by two players
  • Changes in narrative – details later
  • 1P: pick up items, use items, put items, dash
  • 2P: plug the cord, unplug, light on/off, stretch/reel the cord

Project Proposal with the game design document is coming soon.

Improved Story Idea


  • No dialogues in game (except UI, system, descriptions)
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to emotionally get involved
  • Sound and colour samples


Snailie watches Dr. Snakingson’s experiment to create a copy of Snailie from the swamp in his lab. It goes successful and the copy is named as Swampie.

However, after Dr. Snakingson attaches an artificial shell to Swampie, a group of ninja storms into his lab and kidnap him. Doctor drops a guide book for Swampie’s shell while he is being taken away.

Snailie and Swampie start their journey to find ninjas’ country and get back Dr. Snakingson.



Snailie and Swampie arrives at a village where philosophers live. Among them, the frog-shaped windmill on the hill is believed to have a soul and eat the snails who dare to sneak in it.

On the seashore, Snailie finds a ship to reach ninja’s country across the sea, but the ticket costs a lot.

Snailie and Swampie enters the windmill and seek the treasure hidden inside.



After they land on an exotic country, they meet an old hermit Hermitta, who is dying for his age. Snailie finds a sign of medicine nearby a cave, and decides to get to save Hermitta.

Although they successfully get the medicine, Hermitta didn’t take it. Instead, they give it to an injured bird. She eats another snail in front of them but agrees to carry them to the ninjas’ country.


The Empire of Sunrise

They arrives at a weird empire. Snails there are dancing whole night in dresses. Behind the dance hall, they find a ninja’s mansion which seems suspicious.

They are trapped in the ninja house but they realise it is not a house but a school to make slugs into snails. So many Dr. Snakingson’s photos are put on the wall.

At the end of the building, Snailie sees Dr. Snakingson enjoy his party in his new lab. Snailie tries to take him home but joins the party in the end.


Temporary Assets

Games Design Document
Slugs Project Proposal