Levels Design Basics

***Check SlugsGDD for more info!***

  • Game resolution will be default 960*544 fixed. (30×17 sells by 32px each)
  • Details design (the locations of walls, items, enemies) will be fixed after testplays.
  • Those levels are created by 3D blocks textured with 2D pixel art.


  • Each stage will have a hierarchical structure with randomly chosen layers.
    e.g. Stage 1: 1/1 layer, Stage 2: 2/4 layers, Stage 3 : 3/6 layers, Stage 4: 4/8 layers
  • Once the players reach the stairs or the paths, they will progress to the next layer.

    layered levels

  • Bridge parts and items will be set randomly. (Need to check first)level2random

Level 3 Sample


  • Pink squares mean switches to open the stairs.
  • The players need to move blocks to make a bridge.

random objectslevel3-1random

Level 4 Sample



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