Improved Story Idea for GDD


  • No dialogues in game (except UI, system, descriptions)
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to emotionally get involved
  • Sound and colour samples



Snailie watches Dr. Snakingson’s experiment to create a copy of Snailie from the swamp in his lab. It goes successful and the copy is named as Swampie.

However, after Dr. Snakingson attaches an artificial shell to Swampie, a group of ninja storms into his lab and kidnap him. Doctor drops a guide book for Swampie’s shell while he is being taken away.

Snailie and Swampie start their journey to find ninjas’ country and get back Dr. Snakingson.




Snailie and Swampie arrives at a village where philosophers live. Among them, the frog-shaped windmill on the hill is believed to have a soul and eat the snails who dare to sneak in it.

On the seashore, Snailie finds a ship to reach ninja’s country across the sea, but the ticket costs a lot.

Snailie and Swampie enters the windmill and seek the treasure hidden inside.



After they land on an exotic country, they meet an old hermit Hermitta, who is dying for his age. Snailie finds a sign of medicine nearby a cave, and decides to get to save Hermitta.

Although they successfully get the medicine, Hermitta didn’t take it. Instead, they give it to an injured bird. She eats another snail in front of them but agrees to carry them to the ninjas’ country.


The Empire of Sunrise

They arrives at a weird empire. Snails there are dancing whole night in dresses. Behind the dance hall, they find a ninja’s mansion which seems suspicious.

They are trapped in the ninja house but they realise it is not a house but a school to make slugs into snails. So many Dr. Snakingson’s photos are put on the wall.

At the end of the building, Snailie sees Dr. Snakingson enjoy his party in his new lab. Snailie tries to take him home but joins the party in the end.



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