Local Co-op Gameplay Experiences



Download: https://der-r.itch.io/brofense

Gameplay Experience Overview:

  • You definitely need a good communication with your company to defeat the enemies. You need to build a strategy about respawning timing, boost packs, constantly changing structure of the level, and strong obstacles.
  • This game gets harder and harder steeply.
  • It is about blocking the white-shirt workers escaping from the exit, as you will be game over when 30 of them have escaped, while the black-jacket guys will massively produce those workers until they are destroyed. You will also encounter the armed guys which kill you literally in a second.
  • You can unlimitedly respawn, but it will be a huge time-loss. 30 workers will easily complete to escape if both of the players die.

Hints For My Project:

  • Good pressure from the overwhelming obstacles and constant changes in levels

This encourages (or even forces!) communication between the two players.

  • Shortly completable levels

Feels easy to retry the levels, frequently-given achievements motivate players.


Super Bunny Man


Download: http://store.steampowered.com/app/673750/Super_Bunny_Man/

Gameplay Experience Overview:

  • Unexpected movements of characters cause laughs and screams.
  • Simple controls, simple mechanics, and simple levels but hard to progress.
  • You can play the same levels repeatedly with the same person.

Hints For My Project:

  • Unexpected deaths/luckies

This naturally occurs conversations between the players.

  • Simple and various levels/Limited controls of character movements

This varies every game play even if the players are the same.

Castle Crashers


Download: http://www.castlecrashers.com/

Gameplay Experience Overview:

  • You may not talk a lot in this game since each characters have different strengths and it is possible to progress without co-op. However, it will still be your benefit to know each other’s job/status so that you can slaughter enemies quickly. E.g. ‘I’ll shoot’em with my bow so can you secure my position in front?’ ‘Take the turkey, you’ve got less health than me!’
  • This game takes time to proceed. You may spend more than 5 hours with the partner if you play to complete.
  • It is an 2D-sideview action RPG. Its story and mechanics are really simple but nicely animated and comicalised.

Hints For My Project:

  • Different skills of players

This encourages building their own strategy with communication to know each other.

  • Simple UI, easy to learn how to play without words

Everyone can enjoy from the beginning. It also causes a kind of joy to find out something new together – such as equipping a pet, changing weapons, riding animals/objects, and digging a treasure.


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