About the Project


Through a final-year student in BA Games Design and Art at WSA, I worked on a game project as my FMP – basically creating a game with research, design, development and marketing.

Semester One

In Semester One, I had a series of research on the theme “identity”.

Three games ideas came out as a result: Check Here.

In the end I decided to carry on the idea “Do Slugs Dream Of Snails?“.

–> Game Design Document         –> Project Proposal

Sample Assets

characters2New PiskelNew Piskel (1)objects

Mechanics Idea

New Piskel (1)

–> Game Design Document         –> Project Proposal

Semester Two

In Semester Two, I will start creating actual assets and codes, as well as launching branding and marketing beside the project.

Story Trailer

Mechanics Trailer


Further Information

To follow the footage of development, check instagram (@shiorikanaokagames) and twitter (@shiori_kanaoka).

For more details about the game, visit http://shiorikanaoka.com/do-slugs-dream-of-snails/